During this weird summer of Covid lock down and uncertainty I had the pleasure of hooking up with the Struts to create their Lockdown’ album cover Strange Days. After a zoom call with Luke and a rock n roll selection of band photos, studio and candid supplied . Set about over a weekend to create loosely a pop art collage. Heres a few initial ideas I sent to the band, happy they chose the one they did. A nice combination of monatge and LA palm tree horizons.

The cover has a few featured references to their influences and rock n roll life style …. Freddies Tash’ , Guns and Roses, bar and grill sign, lines of coke all hinting at the LA riock scene past and present where the album was recorded.

The final product looked ok, but who ever put this together cropped freddies tash! DOH

A good listen though and even features Robbie Williams and Def Lappards Joe Elliot.